geoffrey’s bio

I am a mentor, futurist, blogger … and dreamwhisperer.


Since 2005, I’ve been developing a different way for supporting people who want to explore their talents and abilities, leading more than 300 people through some form of personal talents analysis and development.

As a futurist, I bring a different perspective to mentoring; there’s no such thing as the future, rather there are multiple futures, and these are  what explore together.

19 i never said ...

Towards this, I have been blogging every day since the 1 January 2014 – as long as I can include a cartoon.

1 when we are doing what we love ...

My training as a mentor has been with The International Mentoring Network (theIMN) – a future-orientated mentoring organisation – of which I am now a member of the alumni and faculty; I hold certificates as a Human Capacity Mentor, Creativity Advocate, and, Strategic Leadership Mentor.

(March 2016)

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