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I’m a mentor, futurist, blogger, doodler and dawdler, all of which adds up to what I have come to call dreamwhispering.

The dreams are about what we want to do with our lives, the whispers are what our values, talents and energies are trying to tell us, but often we cannot hear them because of the busyness and noise of life.

Since 2005, I’ve been developing a different way to support people who want to explore their talents and abilities, through a conversational one-to-one approach, leading more than 600 people through some form of personal talents analysis and development.  It is also something that can be adapted to help teams explore how to work together according to their talents than than role descriptions.

As a futurist, I know there’s no such thing as the future, there are multiple futures, and these are waiting to explore together.

Reinforcing this is my daily practice of blogging and doodling, something I have been enjoying for six years now.  This wraps around my slow reading around technology, entrepreneurship, arts, society and the environment (to tease my thinking).

My training as a futures-mentor came through The International Mentoring Network (theIMN) – a future-orientated mentoring organisation – of which I’m now a member of the alumni and faculty; I hold certificates as a Human Capacity Mentor, Creativity Advocate, and, Strategic Leadership Mentor.

(November 2019)

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